Measuring Your Old or Existing Sail

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Measure Tip-to-Tip-to-Tip:
Whether you're measuring a headsail or a mainsail, we only need straight-line measurements between the tip of the head, the tack and the clew of your sail (see illustrations to right). Do not try to measure any curves in the sail. We will take care of making the proper adjustments when we build your sail. Before measuring, pull the sail hand tight.

1) Type of Sail:

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2) Luff:

Feet:     Inches:


3) Leech:

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4) Foot:

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Mast & Boom Track Details:

Does your mast use:
Internal Flat Slide
Internal Round Slide
External Track
Bolt Rope

Measure the width of your mast luff slide (or bolt rope diameter) and enter here:
Mast Luff Slide (Inches):

Does your boom use:
Internal Flat Slide
Internal Round Slide
External Track
Bolt Rope
Loose Foot

Measure the width of your boom luff slide (or bolt rope diameter) and enter here:
Boom Luff Slide (Inches):


For furling headsails, please provide the brand and model of your furling unit.

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Do you have a wire luff?

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UV Cover:
If you would like a UV Cover, please select a color (click to view colors) from the dropdown box below and indicate whether it should be placed on the port or starboard side of the sail


UV Cover Color


UV Cover Side

Starboard      Port     


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