FX Mainsail Covers by Harken

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sail cover imageFX Mainsail Covers are manufactured by Harken Canvas. Following the Harken tradition of quality and attention to detail, each cover is individually cut and sewn using the finest fabrics available with triple-layered seams and double stitching. These sailcovers are built to last. Cover wraps snugly around the mast collar and headboard. A buckle strap on the bottom of the cover adjusts for a clean fit.

All inside seams are overcast for additional strength and to prevent fraying. All stress and wear areas are reinforced. Call your FX sales representative for additional information and ordering at 800-748-5258 or contact via email at sails@fxsails.com.

Please use the form below to submit your sailcover measurements to FX Sails. For printing purposes (to take to your boat), you can print this page or download and print the pdf version of the form using the link at the top of the page.


Mainsail Cover Measurement Form

Customer Name:

Boat Model:

Email Address:(required)

Phone Number:

Does your mainsail luff have (check one)?
Bolt Rope
Batten Cars

Do you have winches on your mast (check one)?

Do you have lazy jacks (check one)?

A. Mast Circumference:
     Feet:     Inches:

B. Back of mast to rear edge of headboard
     Feet:     Inches:

C. Bottom of boom to top of furled sail:
     Feet:     Inches:

D. Front of mast to end of boom
     Feet:     Inches:

E. Back of mast to end of boom:
     Feet:     Inches:

F. Boom Circumference:
     Feet:     Inches:

P. Luff length of main from top of mast to top of boom (see diagram on right):
     Feet:     Inches:

G. Headboard plus mast
     Feet:     Inches:

H. Furled Sail plus mast:
     Feet:     Inches:

I. 45% Angle
     Feet:     Inches:

J. 1/4 Back from Mast:
     Feet:     Inches:

K. 1/2 Back from Mast
     Feet:     Inches:

L. 3/4 Back from Mast):
     Feet:     Inches:

SAIL COVER COLOR: (Click to view colors)


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