Frequently Asked Questions

Can FX Sails produce the same quality sails as the larger "big brand" lofts at the low prices I found in your quoter?
Yes, FX Sails has one of the strongest warranties in the business and the quality of our sails reflects this commitment. Our primary cloth suppliers are Challenge, Bainbridge and Contender, three of the the premier sailcloth manufacturers in the world today and we only use their highest grades of premium Dacron and Laminated sailcloth.

Why are FX Sails prices so much lower than other Sailmaking companies?
FX Sails has made the commitment to develop a truly on-line sailmaking company and services all of our customers from our home office in Charleston, South Carolina. Our custom sails are built using measurements our customers provide to us via our on-line measurement forms. The savings gained from eliminating the local loft / middle man are passed directly on to you, the end-user.

Will I get the same type of customer service I receive from my local sail loft?
While we may not meet you face-to-face, our business model actually allows us more time to provide personal attention to our customers than if we were going from boat to boat completing measurement forms. FX Sails will never replace the local sail loft and there will always be a need for the true, hands-on attention that a local loft can offer, however, we do take customer service seriously and believe it is the keystone of our entire business.

What is the delivery time for a new custom sail?
In the spring season, our delivery times are typically six weeks. During other times of the year, we can usually have your sail in four weeks.

What are the differences between your Inshore and Offshore sails?
Before we look at the differences, let's take a look at the similarities. The sailcloth used in an Inshore and Offshore version of a sail is the same - premium Dacron or laminated material from the most respected names in the industry - Challenge, Contender and Bainbridge.

Our Inshore sails carry a 3-year warranty and include 2-rows of stitching throughout, aluminum headboard, draft stripes, leech line with Clamcleat, webbed on telltales, premium fiberglass battens, sail numbers, premium luff slides and choice of bolt rope or loose foot. Our Offshore version includes a 5-year warranty, three-step stitching, additional corner reinforcement, in addition to the features of our inshore sails.

Should I select a Cross-Cut or a Tri-Radial sail?
There is no single sail type that's perfect for every sailor, every boat and every sailing application. Cross-cut sails, constructed of woven Dacron, are durable, relatively easy to build and typically less expensive. Tri-radial sails, built of low-stretch laminated fabric, are more complex, hold their shape better over time and are lighter.

Cruising bluewater sailors who might need repairs in out-of-the way locations, can benefit from the wide availability of woven Dacron fabric and the number of lofts throughout the world that are experienced in repairing cross-cut sails. Coastal inshore sailors, who also enjoy competing in a club races, will enjoy the shape-holding characteristics and light weight of a tri-radial sail.

Cross-Cut sails are made of Dacron, a woven fabric which is strongest in the fill direction, across the roll of fabric. The cross-cut configuration takes advantage of this characteristic, by placing this strength along the leech of the sail. Tri-Radial sails are made of a laminated fabric like Contender ACL, which is strongest in the warp, or along the length of the roll of fabric. These sails take advantage of the laminate by having the strongest fibers radiate out from the corners of the sail, where loads are highest.

If there are specific questions you'd like answered about our sails, please give us a call at 800-748-5258 (800-788-5408 in Canada) or send us an email at sail consultants have broad experience and can help you make the right decision for the type of sailing you do, your boat model, and your geographic location.

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