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From A Customer - January 2015

"I thought you might like to see what I saw yesterday.
I'm really enjoying my sail. Thanks for your great work."

Jimmy Wood
Sumter, SC

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Off Season Sail Care
by Dan Dickison

"Most boat owners know to winterize their engines, send messenger lines up the rig to keep their halyards out of the elements, and generally batten things down for the off season. But fewer are aware of the important steps required for properly storing sails. Too often, mainsails are left on the boom, and roller-furling headsails left wrapped around the headstay for the duration of the winter. This kind of exposure to mother nature will ultimately lessen the lifespan of those sails."

"Most sailors know the damage that continuous exposure to ultra-violet radiation can do to sails. But keep in mind that the heat from the sun can also be damaging, and it's difficult to gauge. The ambient temperature might be 95 degrees in the boatyard, but it's not uncommon for the surface temperature on an object — say a mainsail under its cover on a boom—to be 115 degrees. The cumulative effect of days spent in that kind of heat will be structural damage."

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Loose Foot vs. Attached — What's Best?
by Dan Dickison

"Racing sailors in particular are keenly aware that once the breeze pipes up, you need to make certain adjustments to keep your sail shape optimized. With a mainsail, that begins with tweaking the halyard to achieve a luff tension that's in the ballpark for the given conditions. Then—if your boat has a standard Marconi rig—you'll begin making adjustments to the backstay, outhaul, and cunningham to fine-tune the sail's overall shape. Of course, the most frequent adjustments are made using the traveler and the mainsheet, and on board the most aggressively raced sailboats, the latter is rarely cleated."

"Of all these controls, perhaps the one most overlooked by non-racing sailors is the outhaul. Most boat owners follow the 'set it and forget it' approach with this control line. But a properly attended outhaul can afford you surprising control over the lower portion of most mainsails. I say most mainsails because there are different design approaches to the foot section of these sails. On the vast majority of mainsails, you either have a foot that's attached to the boom via slides or a bolt rope, or you have what is known as a loose-footed arrangement wherein just the tack and some portion of the clew are attached."

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Recent Testimonials

The new sail is really great! It looks and handles even better than the last one, but the way it stays flat and points is the best part. I went down to the La Piana Regatta just to watch, and had people taking pictures of the sail.

Thanks again for working with me. Best regards,

Warren Stryker
Hunter 54
St. Thomas, USVI
March 2015

[See photo on left]

I thought you might like to see what I saw yesterday.

I'm really enjoying my sail. Thanks for your great work.

Jimmy Wood
Sumter, SC
January 2015

[See photo on left]

Just wished to pass on appreciation I have for you guys regarding my new genny. It fits the boat perfect. I am very happy with the sail shape and sewing work.

Paul Dias
Little Compton, Rhode Island
Dean 440 Catamaran
December 2014

Just a heads up to thank you for the great sail! I'm extremely happy with the product and will be preferring more in the future.

Jason J Smyth
C&C 35-3
President - Smyth & Son Marine Services Ltd.
September 2014

The mainsail looks and performs great. As you told me, the oversized roach goes from side to side without any difficulty. We haven't had much opportunity to race with the asymmetrical yet, but from what I've seen so far - It's impressive. Your sails are just what you said - Great looking, great quality, and reasonably priced. Thank you for all your help. I've already started recommending FX to the other MSSA members.

Douglas Dalessio
Catalina 320
New York
June 2014

This week, I was finally able to get out on the water with my 1974 Folbot and my new FX sails. What a huge difference from the old sails! They perform just as Bill said they would.

Many thanks for your ease of ordering and prompt delivery.

Bruce Henderson
Newton, Mass
May 2014

You couldn't have cut this sail any better. Foot length is perfect. Fairlead block is spot on at mid luff. Luff length is maxxed.

Super pleased. Dreaming of my next FX sail already.

Adam Waywell
Cape Dory 25
Huntington, New York
May 2014

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